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With the rapid development of the packaging industry at home and abroad and the continuous improvement of the degree of automation, the entire market has also put forward new requirements for the auxiliary equipment of packaging machinery High speed operation, long term stability, hydrogene level and humanized design will come a new trend; The intelligent acquiring equipment developed and produced by Zhongshan Xingyong Machinery Co., Ltd. is closed to the market demand, combined with the new market trend and years of technical experience, committed to the actual situation of domestic and foreign agents and large, medium and small manufacturers, saving customers money, effort and word; According to the actual transportation demand of customer materials, specifically customize the transportation equipment production line; It provides a low cost and high efficiency labor saving and even unmanned production and automatic production scheme


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The products are sold all over the world


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Relying on abundant resources and talents, equipped with experienced mechanical team members, facing the market demand of mechanization

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The company has been awarded as Guangdong High tech Enterprise, Zhongshan Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise, etc

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It is committed to saving money, effort and word for domestic and foreign agents and large, medium and small manufacturers

It provides low cost, cost effective and even unmanned production, automated production solutions

Have considered services, interactive strategies, and one to one communication with customers

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To ensure that we can control the quality in the whole process and make rapid response to customers&# 039; Special needs and strong for customer satisfaction

Improve efficiency, quality, mass production, stable process, reduce change, and cost

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Establish an emergency maintenance service team to meet your needs with diversified products and professional production Each project has a dedicated engineer in charge

Solve all types of problems, do a good job in every product detail, and show it to customers

Online customer service quickly responds to your problems, and special personnel are responsible for following up, so that after sales service is free of worries

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Title Innovative technology improves food delivery equipment and enhances food safety and quality assurance

n recent years, with the rapid development of the food industry and consumers' continuous attention to food safety, food conveying equipment plays a vital role in ensuring food safety and improving efficiency. In order to meet the growing food demand and provide more reliable food safety guarant



High-efficiency automatic potato chip packaging machine to improve production efficiency and packaging quality

High-efficiency automatic potato chip packaging machine to improve production efficiency and packaging qualityPotato chips, a popular snack, require a high degree of precision and efficiency in the packaging process. In order to meet the needs of the food industry for automated production, a new typ



Analysis of the control of the belt conveyor to the conveying system

With the development of modern and modern industrial control processes, there are many conveying equipment control processes that cannot be automatically controlled perfectly. The difficulty is that the process models of these belt conveyor complex systems cannot be established, or even after some s



Zhongshan conveyor equipment manufacturer will take you to know the precautions for using the conveyor

With the development of modern science and technology, China's various industrial production and manufacturing have gradually achieved a fully automatic production mode. In these production, conv